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The 3rd Annual Scottsdale Home Tour is going to be better than ever.

One of the things that has made our past home tours so successful is their diversity – including the homeowners, types of homes and their various locations.

We are pleased to announce a first for Scottsdale Home Tours:  This year the historic Peaceful Valley neighborhood will be part of the tour.

Peaceful Valley homeowners Barry and Rose Smith are initiating the home tour’s first venture into one of Scottsdale’s oldest and loveliest neighborhoods that’s located on Osborn Road between Miller Road and the Continental Golf Course.

Barry and Rose purchased their home in March of 2015 at the urging of their son, Ryan, who is in the real estate business.  The Smiths, who also have a home in California, were living in the Biltmore area at the time.  They had previously lived in large homes throughout North Scottsdale.  When Barry and Rose sold their Biltmore home, they wanted to return to Scottsdale and live in a smaller neighborhood near downtown and the green belt.

Peaceful Valley, which was once a dairy farm and a grazing pasture for cows, was the perfect place.

It took the Smiths about five months to convert their 1,250-square foot house that was built in 1956 into a 2,000-square foot home that’s turned into a tribute to modern design — and the epitome of attention to detail.

The endeavor was truly a family affair.

Ryan had already helped take care of the real estate transaction. Barry, a homebuilder by trade, drew up the plans.  Lauren, Ryan’s younger sister who is now working on remodeling her own home in Southwest Village, was the eyes and ears during the remodeling as her parents commuted back and forth from their California residence.  And Rose did a lot of the shopping on the internet for custom fixtures and other modern interior design features.

“We all worked together with zero conflict,” Barry says.  “We did it as a family, and it turned out super. We really achieved our modern design vision.”

The family added a comfortably sized master bedroom, a detached garage and a small pool that’s the centerpiece of the backyard.  The pristine kitchen combines dark grey countertops, soft white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.  Barry, a stickler for craftsmanship, proudly explains that the house is entirely wireless and totally LED.  In fact there’s back and under lighting that create a warm and welcoming glow throughout the house.

Rose calls their home, which sets on a corner lot, the “house of inches.” Barry says, “That means we live the whole house.”  Then Rose adds, “There’s nothing I would change.”

They say even though they have only lived in Peaceful Valley for two years, they have noticed that a new generation of families are moving into the neighborhood – many of whom are the children of previous homeowners.  They both like that “generational continuity.”

When the Smiths, who have been married for 48 years, moved into their home in August of 2015, Barry says, “We agreed that we would give it two years and then decide if we wanted to stay.”

It looks like Barry and Rose are here to stay in Peaceful Valley.

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