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One of the most popular stops on Scottsdale Home Tours has been Peaceful Valley, the first planned residential neighborhood in the city.   That’s why, once again, it will be on this year’s tour Sunday, November 18th.

Originally, Peaceful Valley was the site of a dairy farm and a grazing pasture for cattle.  Today, the neighborhood has about 140 homes, some of which are occupied by the original owners or their families.  It’s bordered by Miller Road on the west, a pocket park on the south along Osborn Road and the Green Belt biking and walking path that parallels Continental Golf Course on the east.

Bret and Shannon Cleary have the best of both worlds because their home is just four houses from Osborn Park and they have an unobstructed view of the promenade and golf course.

“We like to sit on our front patio and watch the activity of people going back and forth” Shannon says.  “We’re really lucky to be living in such a great neighborhood and have this vista right out our front door.”

The Cleary’s 1,600-square foot Hallcraft home was built in 1955.  Hallcraft models took the Valley by storm, especially South Scottsdale, in the 1950’s and 60’s.  During that building boom, it was said that 1 out of 5 homes being built in the Valley were Hallcrafts.

The average price of a Hallcraft home in the 1950’s was $10,000.

Bret and Shannon purchased their home in 2016.  Coincidently, Barry and Rose Smith, whose Peaceful Valley home was on the tour last year, also tried to buy the home.  But the Clearys prevailed.

While living in Mesa, it took Bret and Shannon a year to renovate their house.  With grown children, they converted it into a “two-person” home.  Originally, it had three bedrooms, but they transformed it into a one-bedroom home and created an office and  expanded the master bath.  They did, however, keep the original fireplace in the corner of the front room.

The most stunning feature of the home is the pitched front room ceiling that continues through a bank of small windows along the top of the room and into an outside roofline that provides shade for their rear patio. “I think the natural light is the key to the house,” says Shannon, who is an interior designer.

She and Bret agree that the room they like most is the kitchen where, as Bret says, they “experiment with food.”

Thanks to the hospitality of Bret and Shannon Cleary, home tour visitors will be able to revisit the Peaceful Valley neighborhood and enjoy the regeneration of the Hallcraft brand.

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