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There is no better way to begin the 3rd Annual Scottsdale Home Tour than by introducing homeowners Shea McIntire and Glen Roberts who are engaged to be married next year.

In the spring of 2016, before purchasing their house in Southwest Village, Shea and Glen’s relationship included a challenging commute.  She lived in a condominium in North Scottsdale and he resided in a home in Chandler.  They rapidly reached a point at which the shuttling back and forth between Scottsdale and Chandler on the 101 Freeway “just had to stop,” Shea recalls.

That’s when they decided they wanted to live in Southern Scottsdale. Southwest Village was the perfect spot – because, Glen says, “We like the energy being so close to downtown. We also love the nightlife.  It feels like we’re in the middle of everything.”

Their home was built in 1955 and was originally about 1,100-square feet.  Virtually untouched since it was built more than 60 years ago, Glen describes what it looked like when they moved in with one word:  “brown.”

Shea, a recruiting manager for HomeSmart, and Glen, a computer engineer in sales, immediately went to work on the home.  A video he recorded when they started renovating the house shows it was dark and cramped.  Its low ceilings, small rooms and narrow hallway made it look and feel like a maze, they explain. And there was that funky wallpaper.

It was important for Shea and Glen to maintain the basic footprint of the house.  However, they did convert the original master bedroom into a bathroom and walk-in closet to make way for a 350-square foot extension that is now their master bedroom – the only significant modification they have made.

“We didn’t want to go over the top,” Shea says about their seven-month remodeling endeavor.  “Glen and I respect this community.  We feel like Southwest Village’s history is worth preserving.” While there are many who have lived in the area for decades, a new influx of people fit right in and help create a strong sense of community.

Affordable homes and a convenient location to shopping and dining make Southwest Village one of the most popular areas for people to locate in Southern Scottsdale.  It’s also a neighborhood in transition.  Many homeowners are remodeling their homes and others are replacing original houses with more contemporary ones.

Glen refers to his new neighborhood as “Arcadia Light.”

As luck would have it, Lisa Nicodemus, an interior designer who lives around the corner from Shea and Glen, offered the couple a helping hand with many of their décor decisions throughout the home that Shea calls the “yummy little details.” Both Shea and Glen agree that Lisa made their lives a lot easier and “kept us on track.”

“I think our house is open and fun and reflects our personalities,” Shea says. “It’s a good balance of feminine glamour and masculine functionality.”

After all the tasteful improvements that have made their home such a friendly place for either relaxing or entertaining guests, Glen admits that the house is “still small.” Then, after a slight pause, he adds:  “But it’s kick-ass.”

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