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Chalk up another “first” for the 2017 Scottsdale Home Tour.

This year’s tour will not only include one Haver home … but two!  They’re two doors down from one another, so tour visitors will be able to make one stop and see two iconic Ralph Haver-designed homes.

Jason Beck and his wife, Lupita, own three homes: a 1,100-square foot home with “industrial design” features in the San Francisco area where they work. Another is a master-planned community on a lake in Cabo San Lucas.  But their Scottsdale Haver home is their pride and joy.

Jason, who grew up in Scottsdale, says he wanted a house here because, “Many of the friends I grew up with live here, and I wanted a place of my own when I visited.”  Lupita, who was unable to participate in the interview, was born in Spain.  “Some day we want to have a house there, too, for when we spend time with Lupita’s family.”

Jason and Lupita are both fond of mid-century design.  In fact he jokes that Lupita believes she was born “40 years too late.”

The Beck’s 2,146-square foot house is one of the most imaginative on the tour.  It was built in 1955 in the heart of the Town & Country neighborhood.  It once had the identical floor plan of Ryan Smith and Elaine Reby’s Haver home that’s also on the tour.  However, the interior of the Beck’s home has been virtually reconfigured.

What was once the carport has been enclosed to create a huge front room with a fireplace.  The large master bedroom and bath area are now situated at the front of the house.  A bank of windows along the top of the joining rooms lets light stream into both of them.  Two guest bedrooms run down the side of the home. The spectacular flooring throughout the entire house uses a mix of compounds, including a porcelain component that makes the floor almost sparkle.

Jason and Lupita bought their home in June.  Most of the major remodeling had already been done.  When time and their respective jobs permit, they’ve worked on hanging doors and installing light fixtures.  Most of their work, Jason says, has been focused on landscaping both the front and back yards. The compact backyard features a pool and patio with a cabana that makes it easy for entertaining.

Jason, who has degrees from ASU in construction management and chemical engineering, is employed by an S&P 500 company that specializes in building and managing life science and technology campuses for large companies.  But the construction and real estate business isn’t just Jason’s job, it’s also a hobby he really likes.

“This area (Southern Scottsdale) is one of the hottest areas in the city,” he points out.  “So I didn’t want to just sit on the sidelines. I wanted to get in on the fun of investing here.”

The Beck’s home is just south of Oak Street between Miller and Scottsdale roads.  Their Town and Country neighborhood, besides being designated as a “historical district,” features the highest concentration of Haver homes in the Valley.  That, according to Jason, helps create of strong sense of “neighborhood” between homeowners, which he and Lupita appreciate.

Even though they have other residences, Jason and Lupita Beck feel right at home in Southern Scottsdale.

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