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It wouldn’t be a Scottsdale Home Tour without at least one Ralph Haver home.

There are Haver Home neighborhoods sprinkled throughout the Valley – including South Scottsdale.  The Haver neighborhoods that sprang up after World War II are now affectionately called “Haver Hoods.”

One of the least known of these unique enclaves is nestled just north of Fashion Square and is named Camelback Park Estates.   The neighborhood was developed in the early 1950’s when the land now occupied by the mall was a rodeo grounds.

Camelback Park Estates was one of the first tract home neighborhoods built in Scottsdale.  And like most Haver Home neighborhoods, its houses were originally less than 1,500-square feet and their designs were kept modest because of federal mandates to conserve building materials.  But Ralph Haver’s creativity proved how to do more with less and give homebuyers the biggest bang for their buck.

Today, Haver Homes are at the heart of the resurgence of interest in mid-century architecture and design – especially in South Scottsdale.

Peter and Laurena Stanos bought their Haver Home in Camelback Park Estates in 2015.  When they were working on relocating from the West Valley, they became interested in the Encanto-Palmcroft Historic District in Phoenix.  After narrowly missing out on buying a home there, they shifted their sights to Scottsdale.

The most distinguishing feature of Peter and Laurena’s 2,300-square foot home is the huge pivot front door.  It opens to an “L-shaped” kitchen-dining area and front room.  What was originally a small patio was turned into a kitchenette just off the main kitchen by previous owners.  A large natural wood beam parallels an exposed metal air vent that runs the length of the front room.

Laurena, who has retired from the banking business and now describes herself as an “aspiring artist,” has decorated their home with her striking abstract and impressionistic oil paintings. She also redesigned the backyard landscaping that includes a kidney-shaped pool.

Peter, a corporate medical doctor, agrees with Laurena that their backyard is their favorite place to hang out because of their view of Camelback Mountain.

While there is only one Haver Home on this year’s tour, Peter and Laurena Stanos’ house in one of South Scottsdale’s lesser-known “Haver Hoods” is sure to exceed visitors’ expectations.

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