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Some homes are said to be the sum of their parts.  For Ryan Smith and Elaine Reby, their home is the sum of the shapes that make it so unique.

Ryan and Elaine’s “L” shaped house sits on a curved street on a pie-shaped lot.  Their home was designed by architectural icon Ralph Haver and is located in the midst of the highest concentration of Haver homes in Scottsdale: The Town & Country neighborhood.

Up until recently, Ryan and Elaine had a long-distance relationship.  He lived in Scottsdale and she lived in France when she wasn’t traveling the world as part of the program in which she is enrolled to earn the title of Wine Master, the equivalent of an MBA in wine.

Last year, Ryan, who works in real estate, was searching for a home in Southern Scottsdale.  He started in the Southwest Village and Peaceful Valley neighborhoods, but couldn’t find a house he liked.  Eventually his quest led him to Town & Country, where as soon as he saw the house that had recently been remodeled, he declared: “This house is me!”

Ryan purchased the house while visiting Elaine in France at the end of last year.  When he returned to Arizona in early January, he moved into the three-bedroom home.  Elaine would follow in August after she completed her journey through 23 countries as part of her wine studies.  In the meantime, he sent her photos of their new home.

“I have a vivid imagination, so I knew what to expect,” Elaine recalls.  “I knew it was very contemporary.”  She wasn’t familiar with the Haver home concept – but now she is.  “It has a lot of character without being over-powering,” she continues. “It has a really positive vibe.”

One of the things that contribute to that “vibe” is the home’s windows … lots of them in various shapes and sizes. There are long ones, short ones, square ones and even a round one.  The number of windows allows the interior to bask in a pleasant glow during daylight hours.

A full-size pool table occupies the front room.  Ryan explains, “When we have people over, it’s fun to have an activity that everyone can participate in.  People really like it.”  A series of Salvador Dali prints that Ryan purchased in Spain line the long wall adjacent to the pool table.

Three bedrooms run parallel along the front room and the area that transitions into the rectangular-shaped kitchen/dining space.

The living room, where Ryan and Elaine spend most of their time, is at the rear of the house.  It has a pitched ceiling with natural wood beams.  Like the rest of the house, the room has minimal furnishings and also offers a terrific view of the backyard through a large circular window.

The couple agrees that the living room and backyard create a blended indoor-outdoor feature that provides a relaxing respite from their fast-paced lifestyle.

Ryan and Elaine are in the process of applying for a historical designation for their home.  As they await the outcome, they often  can be found by their pool in the evening enjoying a bottle of wine that Elaine has selected.

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