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Hero_BabusStanding in her spacious kitchen, Vasvi Babu sweeps her hand through the air and says: “This house is exactly what we would have built if we had built it ourselves.”

Their home near 69th Street and Osborn Road was constructed by NUWAVE Development.

At this time last year, Vasvi, her husband Tom and their two sons were living in Stonegate in North Scottsdale. Because they were doing most of their shopping and dining in stores and restaurants in Old Town, they wanted to live closer to where they were spending so much of their free time. Vasvi and Tom also liked the idea of living within walking distance of their favorite eateries and watering holes.

“We’re not condo people,” Tom explains. “But we wanted something new.” But finding a “new” house in one of the Old Town neighborhoods was challenging. While there is beginning to be an abundance of homes near Old Town that have been tastefully remodeled with contemporary features and modern conveniences, few homes in this area can be considered brand new.

“It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack,” Vasvi recalls.

The Babus, who are both optometrists, installed an app on their phones designed to notify them of any properties in Old Town that came on the market that matched what they were looking for. Last March they were alerted that something was available so they rushed to the location.

When they arrived at the address, they found a house under construction – and Home Smart agent Angie Young waiting. Angie represented the spec house that NUWAVE was still working on.

The house didn’t have walls or a roof, just the framing. With Angie’s help, Vasvi and Tom envisioned what the house would eventually look like. Angie explained that the house would be completed in two months. Vasvi and Tom didn’t wait. With only the skeleton of the house erected, they bought their new house in Old Town virtually sight unseen.

The Babu family, including their toy poodle “Fredo,” moved in right on schedule at the end of May.

Before moving into their 2,600 square-foot home, the Babu’s had lived in a 6,000 square-foot home and another that was 4,000 square-feet. Referring to the three-bedroom house they have now lived in for six months, Tom says, “We think this house has actually brought us closer together as a family. In our other homes we spent a lot of time talking to each other on the intercom systems because of their size.”

Vasvi and Tom like to entertain friends, as evidenced by the generously stocked bar on the opposite side of the front room from the kitchen. “One of the nicest things about this house is that it’s so easy to take care of,” according to Tom. “After a party, we can have things cleaned up in 15 minutes.”

While living in their two North Scottsdale homes, (one had eight bathrooms), they would actually shut off rooms they weren’t using. Tom says that even though they are now living in half the space, the adjustment has been no problem. “We’re using all of the home’s space and living more efficiently.”

Vasvi and Tom Babu have lived large, literally. They both agree that there are only upsides after downsizing into their new Old Town home.

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