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How much did John and Julia Francis want to live in Southern Scottsdale?

Enough to leave San Francisco where they lived on the 30th floor of a condominium that provided a picturesque view of the bay. Now they say they couldn’t be happier with their home in Village Grove from which, according to John, he and Julia work “remotely.”

The Francis’, who had lived at Troon in North Scottsdale before moving to California, resided in San Francisco for eight years. But they always considered Scottsdale home. “It was time for us to come home,” Julia says. “We also wanted to live in a place where we knew our neighbors.”

John, Julia and their five-month-old Boston Terrier, “Jiggs,” live just four houses down the street from Dub Truong and Emilie Cox. Dub and Emilie were featured in the Southern Scottsdale Home Tour homeowner profile two weeks ago.

John, a technical writer for the Oracle computer technology company, says: “We wanted to live here in Southern Scottsdale, but we didn’t want a tiny ‘starter’ home or a ‘fixer upper.’” He discovered online what would soon be their home. “I took it as a good omen that I found this house on my birthday, April 21st.”

The house, designed by the renowned Schreiber brothers, was the first one their realtor Marie Foltz showed them. They loved it. But Marie, doing her due diligence, also insisted on showing them several other homes that day. However, John and Julia were sold on the first house they saw that was so beautifully remodeled and lushly landscaped with an assortment of desert plants too numerous to mention.

As the Western Regional Director for Forrester Research, Julia has an inquiring mind. Before she and John headed to the airport to return to San Francisco, they drove through the neighborhood to, as Julia says, “See what it was like on a Sunday morning.” She spotted a man in his front yard and jumped out of the car to inquire what he knew about the area. Pete knew plenty – and confirmed John and Julia’s feelings that this was the neighborhood for them.

The Francis’ house was built in 1961. It was remodeled in 2007 and has so many fantastic features it’s difficult to single out which is the most stunning.

A large walled front patio makes an immediate impression on visitors. Moving into the home’s interior, the dining area flows into the front room which flows into the sleek kitchen. The master bedroom and bath connect to create a contiguous space. The backyard is picture perfect. It has a large pool and desert plants perfectly placed around its perimeter.

Not to be overlooked is a cozy guest suite tucked away on the side of the house with an entryway in the backyard. Even though John and Julia moved into their home in August, until about three weeks ago they slept in the suite while waiting for a new bed to arrive.

The Francis’ are both bicycling enthusiasts, so they like being in such close proximity to Indian Bend Wash. “The easy access to the green belt really sets this area apart,” Julia says. One of the many reasons John likes their location is for the “new food experiences” close by in Old Town. He also likes to pay the occasional visit to the Coach House or Rusty Spur because of their iconic nature.

John and Julia left San Francisco with many good memories. But their heart is now in Southern Scottsdale.

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